This video is from a 29-hour reading of the musical “A Girl I Know” performed on June 22, 2022.  “A Girl I Know” tells the story of a beautiful masseuse, Jeni, who can’t stop murdering cheating men until she meets a suicidal client who thinks he can fix her. The book follows the reading and may be scrolled while the video plays or downloaded/opened in a separate window by clicking the boxed arrow at the top-right corner of page one.  The video may also be viewed in full screen by clicking the box in the lower right-hand corner in the control panel.  Please note that for logistical purposes of the reading, the singers were not mic’d, a piano was substituted for orchestra, and narration was used to describe actions during the songs.  As such, full song demos with voice and orchestra follow the book, as well as general information about the show and production team.  Questions may be directed to or 315-402-4956.

As mentioned in the above-interview, “A Girl I Know” has been performed three times in concert and once as a full reading with dialogue as featured in Playbill.  The show was created by John Riley (Composer/Lyrics) and Kate Queen (Book/Lyrics), who is best known for her work with Lionsgate, Voltage and Emmitt/Furla Oasis.  The NY concert and readings were cast and directed by Jamibeth Margolis, and featured a number of top top Broadway stars, including Roe Hartrampf (Diana), Chloe Lowery (Rocktopia), Sean Thompson (Sunset Boulevard), and Stephanie Lynne Mason (Fiddler on the Roof).  The show is currently arranged for a 40-piece orchestra, but can be modified depending on the venue.  A sample reel of vocals with orchestra is provided in the below-video, and includes key dramatic moments in the book.

A Girl I Know the Musical
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Below are full versions of all songs with orchestra.  The male songs and duet were recorded in studio by Jonathan Roxmouth and Lena Chung, and the female lead and ensemble pieces were recorded by Chloe Lowery, Roe Hartrampf, Stephanie Lynne Mason and Cody Gerszewski.  These songs were recorded to midi orchestra tracks with BBCSO and other samples.  While they sound realistic, the timing and scope of the songs will be much more impactful with a live orchestra and cast, which we hope to record shortly. Questions about the songs or show may be directed to or 315-402-4956.